Maryland ranks 40 in highway effectiveness study

HOLLYWOOD, Md. - Maryland ranks 40th in the nation in highway performance and cost-effectiveness in the Annual Highway Report by Reason Foundation.

Maryland ranks 9th in fatality rate, 32nd in deficient bridges, 26th in rural Interstate pavement condition, 41st in urban Interstate pavement condition, and 39th in urbanized area congestion.

On spending, Maryland ranks 47th in total disbursements per mile and 35th in administrative disbursements per mile.

Maryland’s best rankings are fatality rate (9th), rural arterial lane-width (17th), rural Interstate pavement condition (26th) and rural arterial pavement condition (26th).

Maryland’s worst rankings are total disbursements per mile (47th) and maintenance disbursements per mile (46th).

Maryland’s state-controlled highway mileage makes it the 42nd largest system.

Reason Foundation's Annual Highway Report utilizes data states report to the federal government to track the performance of state-owned highway systems in 11 categories, including highway spending per mile, rural and urban pavement condition, deficient bridges, traffic congestion, and fatality rates.

For more information on Maryland's results, please see the chart below or visit:
The full report, featuring detailed explanations for each category, is available here:  (html)  (pdf)


Reason Foundation is a libertarian think tank based in Los Angeles. Reason's transportation experts have advised five presidential administrations and numerous state and local transportation departments

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