'You don't get a life sentence, your victims do', Judge Stamm says

Steven Michael Myers

Leonardtown, MD - Steven Michael Myers was sentenced in court Tuesday, May 23. Presiding over the sentencing was Judge Michael J. Stamm. Ultimately, Myers was sentenced to a total of 36 years in jail, with 16 of that suspended. He will be required to register as a tier three sex offender for the rest of his life. Upon release he will be on supervised probation for five years. Stamm also recommended that Myers receive intense therapy at the Patuxent Institute in Jessup. Myers is also forbidden to have any contact with anyone under the age of 18. Judge Stamm is allowing the defendant to spend his five years of supervised probation in the state his parents reside in, should that state allow the transfer. 

St. Mary's County Assistant State's Attorney Julie White called the mother of the victim to the stand to give final remarks to Stamm on how this has affected her children and her family. The victim's mother said that her daughter has been bullied in school by boys who think she is sexually active. She is afraid of having close friends since it was her close friend who pressured her to meet with and talk to Myers. Allegedly, this friend was also a victim of Myers. This friend also spread rumors about the victim, according to the victim's mother. The victim and her sister are both in intense counseling and the sister is also being treated for major depression for which she has been hospitalized. 

Myers' mother spoke on behalf of her son. She explained that her son "has always had issues and they have had him in therapy and had him tested for several ailments". The attorney for the defense, stated that "Steven always wanted  to be normal." Myers mother said that out of her four children, Myers is the only one who has had barriers and problems. According to Justin Eisele, attorney for the defense, Myers IQ is very low, and is atypical for someone his age. Myers' mother apologized to the victim's family as she turned to her son and said, "No one has that right to do what you did to that family." 

Judge Stamm allowed Myers to have the final word before his sentencing. Myers tearfully turned to the victim's family and apologized for what he had done. Myers eventually collapsed in tears trying to express his remorse and asking for forgiveness from the victim's family and his ex-fiance. 

Stamm was not lenient to the defendant, whose IQ is reportedly low. He asked Myers, "Are you sorry because you got caught?" Stamm spoke morosely to Myers, telling him "You're not getting a life sentence, your victims are,"  before handing down his sentence. 

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Leonardtown, MD- A Lexington Park man is scheduled to be sentenced Thursday, Feb. 15 for having sex with a teenager. Steven Michael Myers, now 33, was arrested in January 2017 after the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office investigated a sex offense involving a 13-year-old girl.

The investigation revealed Myers and the teen exchanged a series of sexually explicit messages. During the course of the conversation, Myers solicited the juvenile to perform various sexual acts and pressured her to meet him privately. Eventually, the juvenile and Myers met in person as requested. During that encounter, Myers and the juvenile engaged in a sexual act.

In September 2017, Myers pleaded guilty to second-degree sex offense and entered an Alford plea on the charge of sex abuse of a minor.

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