Commisioners withdraw support from House Bill 136

Leonardtown, MD - House Bill 136, which was introduced in the Maryland House of Delegates by the Southern Maryland Delegation to alter the way the St. Mary’s County Library Board of Trustees members are selected, has lost the support of the St. Mary’s County Commissioners.

During the commissioners’ Feb. 13 meeting, the board seemed to be of the same mind that this is a local issue and should be solved locally. Commissioner Michael Hewitt [R-District 2] is calling for a full meeting between the board of trustees and the county commissioners to hash out a process that would be satisfactory to all citizens.

A small step has been initiated by Board President Randy Guy [R] and Commissioner Tom Jarboe [District 1], who represent the commissioners as the "eyes and ears" in Annapolis. Guy and Jarboe met with a few members of the library board to initiate conversations. Commissioner Todd Morgan [R-District 4] expressed the view that the Library Board of Trustees should be "represented by broad brush of the community. Not from the extreme left or right."

Hewitt said he does not want to "rush to judgement." He continued that the initial meeting should be matured and expanded, and the commissioners "should stay above the fray."

The motion to not support HB136 was approved unanimously, including that a memorandum of understanding be drafted, reviewed for legal currency, and then presented to the commissioners and the board of trustees as a basis for solving a local issue locally.

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