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Craig Wolf, left, with Governor Larry Hogan

Hollywood, MD - Craig Wolf promises no more “politics and partisanship” if he is elected Maryland’s next attorney general. The Howard County attorney formally announced his candidacy for the post Thursday, Feb. 8 in Annapolis and is, as of Monday morning, Feb. 12, the only candidate who has filed.

Maryland’s incumbent attorney general, Democrat Brian Frosh, is expected to seek re-election. A race that normally has little to do with partisanship appears likely to be all about the subject in 2018. Earlier this month Frosh announced he is suing the Trump Administration due to the recently passed and signed federal tax law, which he (Frosh) says hurts high tax states like Maryland. Other states are part of the pending law suit. According to the Baltimore Sun, Frosh has initiated or joined more than 20 lawsuits against the federal government since last year.

Wolf, who is president and CEO of the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America—a national trade association—has previously served as a federal and state prosecutor and counsel to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. Wolf cited public safety has his biggest priority, including Baltimore’s high murder rate and the statewide opioid epidemic.

Fifteen days remain for the state and local candidates to come forward to file for the June Primary. Here’s a listing of who has filed regionally as of Monday morning, Feb. 12.

Maryland Senate - District 27: Republicans Roussan “Rau” Etienne Jr. and Jesse A. Peed; and Democrats Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. and Tommi Makila. District 28: Democrat Mac Middleton. District 29: Republican Steve Waugh.

House of Delegates - District 27B: Republicans Philip Parenti and Michael Thomas. District 27C: Democrat Jason Fowler. District 28 (three seats): Republican Bill Dotson and Democrats John Coller, Debra Davis, Edward Holland, Edith Patterson and C.T. Wilson. District 29 A: Republican Matt Morgan, District 29B: Republican Deb Rey and Democrat Brian Crosby. District 29C: Republican Jerry Clark and Democrat Julia M. Nichols.

Calvert County - Commissioner At Large: Republicans Buddy Hance, Bill Heine and Tom Hejl; and Democrats Matt Bennett and Duwane Rager. Commissioner District One: Republicans Emad Dides and Mike Hart; and Democrat Tricia Powell. Commissioner District Two: Republicans Mark Arness and Lori Barbee. Commissioner District Three: Republican Kelly McConkey and Democrat Holly Heinz Budd. State’s Attorney: Republicans Kathryn Marsh and Andrew Rappaport. Judge of Orphans Court: Republicans Leslie Downs, Ted LeBlanc and Derek Sebedra; and Democrat Thomas M. Pelagatti. Sheriff: Republicans Mike Evans, Craig W. Kontra and Kinsey Weems; and Democrat Michael Hawkins. Clerk of Circuit Court: Democrat Kathy Smith. Register of Wills: Democrat Margaret H. Phipps. Board of Education At large: Bill Phalen.

Charles County - Commissioner President: Democrats Reuben Collins and Brian G. Klass. Commissioner District One: Democrats Gilbert BJ Bowling, Richard Cook and Matt Nolan Wills. Commissioner District Two: Democrats Ulysee Davis, Jason Henry, Chuck McClam and Brandon Paulin and Brenda Thomas. Commissioner District Three: Democrats John Ashburn, Derrick Terry and Jerry Williams. District Four: Democrats Bobby Rucci and Dyotha Rene Sweat, and Republican James Ashburn. Circuit Court Clerk: Democrat Sherri Hancock. Judge of Orphans Court: Democrats Lorraine Berry, Darlene Breck, Frank Lancaster and T.E. Tre Steger-Smith. Sheriff: Democrats Troy Berry and Michael De Paulo. Register of Wills: Loraine Davies-Hennessy. Board of Education (non-partisan): Karen Altieri, Tajala Taj Battle-Lockhart, Pernevlyn Coggins, Dottery Butler-Washington, David Hancock, Doug Sayers and Nashonda Sherrod.

St. Mary’s County - Commissioner President: Republican Randy Guy and Democrat J. Howard Thompson. Commissioner District One: Republicans Eric S. Colvin and Mike Daras; and Democrat Timothy Ridgell. Commissioner District Two: Republican Michael Hewitt and Democrat Annmarie Abell. Commissioner District Three: Republican John O’Connor and Unaffiliated Clarke Guy. Treasurer: Republican Christy Kelly. State’s Attorney: Republican Richard Fritz. Circuit Court Clerk: Republican Debbie Mills Burch. Register of Wills: Republican Phyllis A. Superior. Judge of Orphans Court: Republicans Albert Babcock, Bill Mattingly and Michael R. White. Sheriff: Republicans Tim Cameron and Tom Phelan; and Democrat Ted Belleavoine. Board of Education (non-partisan): Rita Weaver and Karin Bailey.

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