TOP 10 of the best sports for children

Your toddler grows, and you would like to propose him to practice a sporting activity. But you do not know which one would fit him best, and he has only a vague idea of what he wants to do. Fork and Bikini recommend the 10 best sports for children, to choose according to their personality.


1. Gymnastics

From the youngest age of the child (the baby gym is practiced from 12 months), the gym favors a good perception of its body and the space that surrounds it. It also makes it possible to work on its flexibility. This sport also has the advantage of varying between solo exercises and collective games, to match all the characters. The top? It's playful side of course!

2. Swimming

Similarly, swimming is accessible from the first months with the sessions of "baby swimmers." They then promote the psychomotor development of the smallest and simply make them familiar with water, which will then facilitate the learning of swimming. Swimming allows many activities and requires, over the long term, great perseverance.

3. Judo

Like other martial arts or combat sports, Judo is an ideal sport for children in whom it is complicated to channel energy and regulate aggressiveness. Judo makes it possible to develop in children (from 4 years) the anchoring of fundamental values such as respect for the other and rules while learning to master his body.

4. Football

Beyond the fact that your pitches are fans of such and such players that they know thanks to the TV, football is a very interesting collective sport in that it asks each one to find its place in the team. The image of a society where everyone has a different but essential role to play.

5. Basketball

Basketball is also a collective sport, and precisely, its principle rests entirely on this collective aspect, rejecting any possible individualism. Like rugby, basketball, therefore, develops team spirit in children.

6. Climbing

If many parents fear this activity for safety reasons, they should be reassured: accidents are extremely rare. On the other hand, the qualities of this sport are numerous: climbing promotes self-confidence (perfect for the timidest!), Balance, of course, but also the spirit of analysis.

7. Horseback riding

Needless to boast once again of the merits of the relationship (respect) between the child and the animal, that maintains the equitation. Moreover, the concrete aspect of this activity is the most healthy, and the constraints related to the care of the animals seem to make the children responsible. The hit? The cost of sessions and equipment!

8. Athletics

Athletics is a sport that requires and develops perseverance, as well as mental strength and taste for effort. It requires a great deal of motivation and concentration, and can, therefore, be particularly interesting for children who have difficulty setting goals, and especially to stick to them.

9. Inline skating

Rollerblading is probably one of the sports that seduces most toddlers ... before having tried it. Its playful side is the reason, of course, as well as the sensation of freedom, gliding, and speed associated with it. Beyond that, rollerblading develops balance and body reflexes.

10. Fencing

Accessible from 5 years (before, it would be potentially dangerous!), Fencing promotes the development of coordination, but also the spirit of analysis, concentration and obviously precision. And it's class!


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