Valentine’s Day is the worst holiday of the year

Being in a loving and committed relationship for Valentine’s Day can be great. It’s an excuse to get out of the house and be romantic. However, a lot of people don’t have this particular day to share any love or romantic notion.

Here it is – Valentine’s Day sucks. It’s a Hallmark excuse to not have to do all of the thoughtful gestures each partner should be doing every week, if not day, out of the year. The colossal amount of money spent on this holiday is astounding. And for what? Flowers that will die, chocolate that gets eaten within minutes and stuffed animals that nightmares are made of.

For singles, it’s just an unhealthy reminder that they’re still single and they’re alone that day. It should be a holiday where all love is represented, not just romantic.
If that were so, maybe a lot more people wouldn’t feel left out. Flag Day doesn’t seem to bum people out the way this holiday does.

While many holidays are dedicated to important events or special birthdays, this one is dedicated to being in love. That’s positive, however, what about the people who aren’t? They get to sulk in their cubicles while even their children are getting Valentine cards. It just doesn’t seem fair.

What we should do is make it a day about general love. Get your mother some flowers, help a neighbor out or express to a co-worker how much you appreciate their help. If we made it more like that, more people could enjoy it and not cry into ice cream while watching “Love Actually” 20 times in a row. Although that’s actually a really good movie…

The point is, let’s turn this car around and make Valentine’s Day about everyone. Singles and people in relationships alike, celebrate that people love you and that love is all around us. Stop being so selfish, couples!

Do you agree that VDay should be everyone’s celebration or would you like to keep it to your romantic relationship? Oh, also are you single? Currently accepting applications for Mr. Babbling B.

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