The Senate vs Obama

The Republicans, of the U.S. Senate will not support any pick to replace the Supreme Court justice who President Obama wants to appoint as this is an election year. 

They have that right.

Obama has used his executive rights to do things that Congress has not agreed to, so why shouldn’t Congress exercise their rights? In a letter (February 23, 2016), signed by all 11 Republicans on the 20-member committee, the members tell Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, they will “not hold hearings on any Supreme Court nominee until after our next president is sworn in on January 20, 2017.” (

That does leave the position open as Antonin Scalia passed away and waiting until next year puts Congress in an awkward position.  

Despite the majority saying they will not partake, Obama has still hinted toward appointing someone. He wants "A sterling record. A deep respect for the judiciary's role. An understanding of the way the world really works. That's what I'm considering as I fulfill my constitutional duty to appoint a judge to our highest court," Obama wrote. (

Should the president be able to appoint someone to this important role or should he respect what a majority of senators are demanding and leave it up to the next president?

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