Stop being PC and start talking

Political correctness has taken over this country. It used to be that politeness, p’s and q’s, were enough, but now, we have to watch every little word that comes out of our mouths. Racists, bigots and idiots don’t abide by the PC rules and why is that so? We have something called the first amendment in our constitution where we have the ability to say whatever we feel, think or are inclined to say.

While most people abide by political correctness to be kind to a certain genre of people, has it gone too far? Some people get offended by the term “black people” and should be saying “African-American,” but why is it that white people aren’t referred to as “Caucasian American”? The LGBT community wants certain terms to be deemed to who they are; why can’t we say gay or straight? Even the word stupid is not PC, we have to use “slow” or that they’re uneducated.

That being said, using racial slurs or the word gay or retarded as derogatory terms for something we deem not up to par is unacceptable. That’s not PC, it’s just plain mean and unnecessary.

However, a person’s job title can’t be referred to as a nail stylist, but a nail aesthetician. A redneck is someone who does a blue collar job, usually in the sun, and now we have to say anything else.  We can’t say janitor, its custodian.

Perhaps the problem is that we, as a nation, have turned all these words into something considered negative or low. Now, we have to make up for it and rewrite our original language. If that’s the case, then get on that PC train.

In the meantime, don’t be afraid to offend everyone and everything. At some point, we need to exercise our right to be able to speak freely without the backlash of an actual bad word being thrown our way.

What do you think about political correctness in our society?

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