Should torture be considered a war crime?

Donald Trump recently came out to say he would “go through a process” to end waterboarding to be considered as a war crime as a way to get information out of ISIS if need be, if/ when he gets elected president. He also stated that he would “bring back a hell of a lot of worse than waterboarding.” Bernie Sanders, who is on the opposing side of Trump in this election is against torture and stated, "If we do engage [in torture], in an increasingly brutal world, we lose our moral standing to condemn other nations or groups that engage in uncivilized behavior."

It brings up an interesting point–if we are in a state of war and U.S. soldiers are being murdered, tortured and the enemy has no type of war crime ideologies, then why should we show them mercy?

On the other hand, we want to be seen as a fair and civil society so why shouldn’t we show these people the same mercy that we show domestic terrorists?

This is a decision that can definitively divide the nation. Torture isn’t necessarily the most effective way to get information needed out of “the enemy” or a “bad guy.” Statistics show that sleep deprivation (another form of torture) for the average person of around 16-18 hours is the equivalent of having a .08% BAC level (legally impaired). ( That makes people who go without sleep for days delusional and possibly hallucinatory which could end in answers that are nonsensical and untrue.

But… if ISIS is beheading people, raping and pillaging, do these people deserve the dignity of a merciful death? Should these type of people be in a living hell on earth before they die?

That being put out as a question, we have bad apples in every single industry in the United States. Overseas, thousands of rapes occurred at the hands American soldiers during WWII during 1944 alone. Granted our war crimes are different in 2016, things still happen: murder, treason and rape. How should US soldiers be dealt with when committing the same heinous crimes especially during war time?

In a country where we have due process and you’re considered innocent before proven guilty, should we reinstate torture for prisoners of war or should we give them a speedy trial?

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