Johnny needs an award

Parents have been bubble wrapping their children for at least a decade now. Their children can wreak havoc and yet these kids are still little angels. “My son/ daughter wouldn’t do that!”

Honorable mentions are a joke. If you win you win, if you lose you lose. This practice does not prepare kids for adult life where the best win and everyone else has to keep trying to achieve what they want. This practice is setting our youth up for entitlement and the idea that as long as you show up, why shouldn’t you be the CEO?

Working hard and accepting failure are all a part of our world. Schools are in a constant battle to teach students how to succeed, know right from wrong and to accept others. When the students return home, they’re getting the opposite message. Furthermore, Calvert County has recently scrapped the valedictorian and salutatorian for graduation and replaced it with several graduates of distinction instead to make more people feel honored. What is wrong with this picture?

Even as adults, people want a quota system. The upcoming presentation of the Academy Awards is being boycotted by many famous African-Americans because the last two years there have been no black nominees. Do we need to have to include every ethnicity in the running to make it fair, even if they’re not the best?

Youth need to understand responsibility, hard work and ethics from an early age.

Screeching parents on the sideline of a soccer game when they feel a referee has made a bad call teaches their babies that not only is that behavior okay but also that it’s also okay to stomp and scream on the field as well. Unsportsmanlike behavior on and off the field does not look good on anyone.

We need to hold our youth to standards such as striving to do the best they can, kindness to others and that you are entitled to nothing other than your basic human and civil rights. 

Do you agree or do you think we should keep our kids in a cocoon until age 30?

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