Friday Focus: Babbling B Babbles Back 4

Hollywood, MD - This article is always dedicated to my readers. I appreciate every one of you – like me or hate me. I’ll take your comments, no names, and post them below to respond.

“I think all is fair in war. Torture works. Regardless of what u may think or believe. Torture goes on as we speak on both sides. It's not talked about but it is happening. I don't care what you think but it has saved many American lives by using this in war.”

I’m not sure I have a solid opinion on this yet. It’s worth a discussion and I think no matter what side you’re on there are valid points. Again, I pose the question – if we’re supposed to be civilized despite what merciless people do, should we torture?

“Did I hurt your feelings? Exactly how should someone respond when you write one sided articles clearly aimed at discounting men? If I, a man, were to write similar to the diatribe you write but instead having women the subject, I would be labeled misogynistic.”

This was just a partial comment but as a minority, being a woman, I can probably get away with more than the quiet majority in all fairness. However, I don’t hate men! The world couldn’t go around without men OR women. I have written things against Clinton running so read those. If Ryan Reynolds reads this, despite Green Lantern, you are the perfect specimen and can do no wrong in my eyes.

“I really can not believe the stupidity of these comments. You people believe all the propaganda you hear and don't take the time to learn the facts. IDIOTS YOU DESERVE TRUMP.”

This wasn’t directed toward me necessarily, but I thought it was silly. Is this person wishing Trump, who they hate, on the country? That involves you too, you saucy minx.

“Should crappy news writers be charged with stupidity?”

This was on FB in regard to my “Should Torture be Considered a War Crime?” story. It just made me laugh. I’m pretty sure the answer is no but I get told I’m a terrible writer all the time so you guys have to get more original!

“Report accurate (and properly proof read) News and not your opinion. Looks like your following the way of the Washington Post~ that's a slippery slope...”

Um, to be compared to the Washington Post is a huge compliment, so thank you. Also, it’s an opinion piece so “properly” read what it is you’re staring at on the computer… also it’s “you’re” not “your”.

“Post what you want. It doesn't have to be positive all the time. P.S. Lunch is on me when you're free :)”

Obviously, I do post what I want when I want. I appreciate your support and I believe that engaging with the readers helps turn it from a detached writer/ reader relationship into an invested rapport. Aw, special times.

Everyone have a fantastic weekend and if you want to Babble Back as well, go on Twitter and follow @TBNBabblingB or comment below.

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