Should Clinton drop out of the race?

Should Hillary Clinton run for the Presidency while in the middle of an investigation and possible indictment? Absolutely not.

With the heat on Clinton over the lapse in security related to the 2012 Benghazi attacks that she took responsibility for and the possibility that she sent numerous top secret e-mails from her personal e-mail account, things are starting to stack up. The people have to be able to trust not only the secretary of state but especially the president. Can she be trusted?

The Clintons are no strangers to controversy as Bill Clinton, while president, was impeached over perjury due to the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Now, Hillary has her own skeletons tumbling out of the closet. This dynamic duo has managed to gain more of a reputation for their mistakes than any good they’ve done with their government jobs.

Under Hillary’s watch, the tragedy at the American embassy in Benghazi could’ve been avoided as these brave soldiers asked for help. During her Congressional investigation hearing, she suddenly changed her tune to the fact that she has a team who takes care of things. If she becomes president, will her team be doing all the work while she sits back and plays with her phone as she often is seen doing? For the first time since 1979, an American ambassador was killed in the line of duty. That is blood on her hands.

The top secret e-mails sent from her personal e-mail account, if proven true, represent a huge lapse in judgement. In what world does the secretary of state not know better than to do that? That would mean she is putting the American people at risk. That is not someone to vote for as her mistakes are too often and too many.

Since Hillary was sending and receiving e-mails with others including Obama, why did Obama not realize that he was communicating with (or whatever it really is) instead of her professional, secure e-mail? Why was that not also regarded as a scandal?

Clinton should drop out of the race for president if she has any moral or ethical sense of responsibility to the American people. Do you agree?

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