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I get a lot of feedback about the pieces I write and I’d like to respond to some of my readers because I appreciate you reading – like me or not. I will post what people have said, no names, and respond.

“Stopped reading at second have to formulate an argument that does not use religion as its merit. Separation of church and state concept applies.”

Most people have religious views, therefore I believe it’s important to put into an article where religious people would have a strong opinion should be a part of the discussion.

“Reading this is like talking to a teenager with ADHD. I need a little more context.”

I have taken note, however, if you can’t follow that I’m just responding to comments, maybe you’re the one with ADHD. Like shiny things?

“Just curious, why is it that no one at The BayNet is willing to put their name on anything? If you want to publish something like this, that's fine. But, have the courage to put your name on it and be willing to defend your opinions when people start to respond. Show the courage of your convictions!”

The reason I don’t put my real name on these articles is because I’m afraid everyone is going to fall in love with me. Oh, and for safety reasons.


Oh hey, thank you.

“If you hate men so much .... become a lesbian.”

Well, I don’t think it works that way. I don’t hate men but apparently you don’t like the idea of being challenged by an idea or question posed. Scared your wife may read this article and make you step up?

“A marriage is a commitment to each other ... Somewhere along the line a woman wanted it in writing ...”

That’s sexist and I’m sure inaccurate. However, I agree that marriage at the end of the day is a commitment.

“What is the point of a (poorly written) opinion piece when the author is anonymous? irony?”

Um, the definition of irony is the expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect. I think you should buy a dictionary.

“What kind of trash is this?”

The kind of trash that like, you know you need to go to the dump but are too lazy to go. Also, this is an opinion and so is yours.

“Huh????? What did I just read??”

You just read an article in full and are still confused. If you don’t get it, there are special tests for these kinds of things.

“Love this thks baynet for posting reality yeeeeehawww.”

Yeehaw to you too sir. Thanks for saying something nice.

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