Babbling B Babbles Back 3

This article is always dedicated to my readers. I appreciate every one of you–like me or hate me. I’ll take your comments, no names, and post them below to respond.

I would also like to address the cruelty that some people are capable of behind the safety of their computers. If you met me, I guarantee you would not say these heinous things to my face. I am a daughter, a sister and I have a family. While I have thick skin, it is disheartening to see you attack the writer and not the issues themselves. However, let’s have some fun with this.

“You must have some deep seated self-esteem issues there girly. WARNING: For any potential "Mr. Babbling B", be prepared to deal with a narcissistic feminist who hates men and who would only have you around to appear normal to others. But alone, you most likely would become a PW'd person unless of course you are a man and would notice her madness from the onset and would use her, as she would you, making it a very short lived tumultuous relationship.”

This was just plain mean. This person has no idea who I am and cannot attest to what they wrote to be truth. They sat down behind their computer, probably ate an entire pizza and just wanted to say something hateful. But hey, haters gonna hate.

“According to the first amendment of the United States Constitution, any person has [the right of religious freedom] given that they’re a citizen." From where do you get the idea that one must be a citizen in order to have the freedom to exercise his or her religion?”

I meant that people living in the United States have Constitutional rights. If you visit, sure, you can go to church or a mosque or a temple, but our Constitution--especially if you break the law--is not going to help you if you are in fact not a citizen. The only way it will is in court (if you’re not deported) and the fact that we have a wonderful and free country where you won’t be questioned unless there’s reasonable cause. That holds up in court as well.

“The European settlers who now comprise North America were terrorists too...attempting to slaughter and eradicate Indian Americans to push capitalists Christian ideas as well as enslaving Africans with beatings and even killings to also help further the cause.”

This has nothing to do with the story I wrote. I only have so many words before I lose people’s attention and I can’t riff on a million things. You’re not wrong, just off topic.

“Please stop spreading Islamophobia with articles like this.”

(This was a partial quote, sweet cakes it was a long response!) I’m not anti-Muslim and I never said “let’s do this!” (I said perhaps posed as a question) on banning Muslims or anyone. I did ask what you think and you failed in doing so (although it was implied) but don’t fret, you will get another shot… and it would be far more effective using the word “no” than the lengthy response you gave.

“Don't take it personally Babbling B your articles rock. (Name) is an idiot who thinks he is smart. Keep up the good work I look forward to your next article. BTW how could you be single if you really are”

I know, I know, it’s so hard to believe that I’m single. My hair is flowing in the wind in my picture, etc., what’s not to like? LOL I like to end these on a nice note because positivity and looking forward are all we can do in this life. When you get a compliment or support from someone you don’t know, take it!

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