MetCom executive director reacts to story

MetCom executive director reacts to The Bay Net story

Dear Editor:

I write in response to your article which appeared on February 4, 2015, entitled, “MetCom proposes Water/Sewer Rate Changes.”  The article covers two recent meetings in which MetCom was involved, the first being an informational meeting for our customers held on February 2, 2015, to discuss a proposed new structure for MetCom’s Service Charges, and the second being the joint meeting of the MetCom Commissioners and the County Commissioners, held on February 3, 2015.

The article reports the basic components of the proposed new Service Charge structure which if adopted, will more equitably allocate MetCom operations costs, based on the size of the water meter utilized (for commercial customers) and the volume of water actually consumed (for residential customers).  This new rate structure will address the most often heard customer complaint:  why is my monthly bill not based upon actual water usage?

In the article, Dick Myers incorrectly reports however,  that, “[a]t a joint Commissioners of St. Mary’s County – MetCom meeting Tuesday, Feb. 3 at the Southern Maryland Higher Education Center that proposal [the new Service Rate structure] came under fire from several county commissioners and MetCom commissioners.”   In fact, the new rate structure was not a formal agenda item at the joint meeting and was not addressed or discussed on its merits, except for superficial reference to the fact that the proposed new structure is currently being considered by the MetCom Board for implementation in the 2015 Operating Budget.

This letter is meant to clarify, for MetCom’s commercial and residential customers, and for all other stake-holders, that neither the MetCom Board of Commissioners, nor the Board of Commissioners of St. Mary’s County, publically commented negatively on the proposed new Service Charge rate structure.   

Any inquiries relating to the proposed Service Charge rate structure may be directed to Rebecca Shick at or 301-737-7400.

Daniel F. Ichniowski,
Executive Director

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