Did you know? January 12, 2018

January 12 is Marzipan Day
Marzipan, a delicious treat made of a combination of sugar and almond is often accented with almond extract. It has been used in all varieties of sweets and treats, and manages to be both kosher and appropriate for Lent. Its excellent mutability makes it popular for themed cakes and confections, as it can be molded into just about anything. During the rest of the year, it’s often found served with chocolate, making it a powerfully decadent treat.
Eat some marzipan today!

This Day in History: January 12, 1969: The Greatest Upset in Sports History
Over the course of 7 seasons since its inaugural season in 1960, the American Football League had risen to challenge with the mighty NFL for top players and audience share. By1966 they had forced the annual draft to be merged because the NFL was losing marquee college players to the AFL.

Joe Namath, the hotshot brash quarterback of the Alabama Crimson Tide was drafted in 1965 in the first round by both leagues. The Jets selected him in the AFL draft as the #1 pick in the draft, and in the NFL the St. Louis Cardinals selected him 12th overall. Namath chose the Jets, and instantly the AFL gained nationwide interest.As a result, by 1967 the two leagues merged their draft.  Also in 1966, the NFL agreed to play the first AFL-NFL Championship game, soon to become known as the Super Bowl.

Namath and the flashy upstart Jets were set to meet the mighty Baltimore Colts of the NFL for the championship on this date in 1969 in Super Bowl III. In the first two Super Bowls, the NFL’s Green Bay Packers had won easily over the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders. The public expected much of the same in Super Bowl III and betting was heavily in favor of the powerful Colts.

During a pregame press conference, Joe Namath, tired of the lack of respect his Jets were receiving, responded to a heckler and guaranteed the Jets would win, causing laughter among the gathered reporters.

On this date, Namath and the Jets did indeed win the Super Bowl 16-7. Many consider it to be the greatest upset in sports history. It was certainly among the most impactful as within a year the NFL agreed to merge the two leagues, and form what we now recognize as the NFL.

The new league split into two conferences, the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. Every year the Super Bowl pits the winners of the two conferences for the right to be called champions.

Trivia Question: Two NFL teams agreed to change conferences with the merger to even out the number of teams. Do you know who they are? (answer at the bottom)

Fun Fact: Lucky Bill

In 1999 an Australian truck driver by the name of Bill Morgan was in a serious accident that landed him in the hospital. As he recovered he had a severe allergic reaction to one of the medications doctors had given him. Bill’s heart stopped and for fourteen minutes he was clinically dead until it could be resuscitated. Bill slipped into a coma, and twice doctors recommended his life support be removed.After 12 days, Bill miraculously came out of his coma and was perfectly fine, apparently suffering no effects of his injury and death.

After his experience, Bill did what many do and re-evaluated his life. He quit driving and asked his girlfriend to marry him. She accepted, and to celebrate his luck, Bill bought a scratch off lottery ticket. He won a car. Normally winning a car isn’t a big enough story to get the media to pay attention to you, but given that Morgan had recently been clinically dead for 14 minutes, the local Melbourne news decided to do a feature on him. In the process, they asked Morgan if he wouldn’t mind buying another lotto ticket and then scratching it off on camera for them, as a sort of re-enactment of his winning scratch.

He happily obliged. After scratching the ticket on camera, though, he stopped, looked at the camera, and rather than be excited and saying something like “I just won a car” as part of the reenactment, he instead said “I just won $250,000.  I’m not joking!” He had hit the jackpot again.
Some people have all the luck.

Trivia answer from above: The Baltimore Colts and Pittsburgh Steelers agreed to join the AFC when the two leagues merged.

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