Cool and fun live streaming ideas

Live streaming has not been with us for too long, but the popularity it's gaining day by day is making many people interested in it. Both individuals and companies are benefiting from live streaming, which is budget friendly strategy of building your brand. The only things you need to go live is an active account with any streaming platforms like Facebook Live, Periscope, or Freedocast, and a laptop or smartphone with a camera.

The content you produce also plays a role in grabbing viewers attention. Here are a few of the cool and fun live streaming ideas. 

  1. Live Stream arts and crafts: After seeing an art or craft, we generally want to know how that was done. Go live while doing any art or craft, and it certainly gets your viewers glued to your stream.
  2. Cooking: Everyone loves to eat, but not everyone knows cooking, go live while cooking and explain step by step process.
  3. Karaoke: Music lovers can go live while doing karaoke.
  4. Dance classes: If dance is your passion, and you teach dance classes, just stream the classes live for those who are unable to attend the class directly.
  5. Tourist places: Live stream those amazing tourist sites you visit, and let everyone on internet enjoy it.
  6. Workout sessions: Though many people love to workout, reaching the classrooms directly is been a concern for many. Just stream your workout sessions live to your students online.
  7. Live stream an event: Events grab attention. If you are organizing an event, or attending an event, just check if any permission is required to stream the event live.
  8. Make-up tutorial: If you are make-up expert, then stream a live make-up tutorial?
  9. Hair styles: Broadcast and share hair styling tips and tutorials. 
  10. Live streaming conference: Stream your business conferences or meetings live for those who are unable to attend the venue.
  11. Unboxing: Unboxing the gift you received to your loved ones can be a fun and cool idea, and if you are unaware of what the gift is, then it will be an added fun.
  12. Live Broadcast a Q & A session, this makes a stream more lively.
  13. Do a Book or a Movie review

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