Abortions caused loss of elections

To the Editor:

While the Democrats are looking for the reason(s) for their recent election losses, they should look at abortion, one of the pillars of their Party, for three possible reasons.

First of all, abortions in the past resulted in missing voters at past, present and future elections. For example, between 1973 and 1998, about 11,581,000 abortions were performed on black women according to data from the U. S. Census Bureau. If those black babies hadn’t been aborted, many of them would have been born, grew up and would have been eighteen and potential (probably Democrat) voters in 2016. There is a possibility some of those babies may have died from miscarriages, accidents, illnesses, etc. Only God knows how many and which ones. However, their abortions guaranteed that none of those possibilities would happen and they would never be born, old enough to vote, etc.

While there is data on abortions by race, none is available on the political party of women having abortions. But since most Democrats are pro-abortion and most Republicans are pro-life, it is reasonable to expect that most of the remaining two-thirds abortions were performed on non-black Democrat women. Those aborted babies would also be missing (probably Democrat) voters.

Second, the Old Testament of the Bible says that abortion is the grievous sin of murder. Therefore, most serious Christians, Jews and Moslems and other moral individuals would not have voted for Hillary Clinton and most Democrats. Those would by more votes lost to Democrats in the last and future elections.

And third, in January 1973, the U. S. Supreme Court authorized every pregnant woman to continue their pregnancy and give birth or end their pregnancy by abortion.

Therefore, with the exception of babies born to pregnant women who didn’t have access to an abortion, every baby born after that date in the U. S. is the result of a pro-life decision by the mother. In 2016, every person under 43 years old should have a negative view of abortion as they come to realize their mother could have had them murdered in the womb. In years to come, almost everyone born in the U. S. will be part of the pro-life generation—those people who survived their time in the womb thanks to their mothers and despite the Supreme Court decisions and best efforts of pro-abortionists.

I suspect that pro-life mothers, along with the Silent No More group and other women who regret their abortion(s) and men who regret their lost fatherhood will encourage their children to be pro-life. You can already see the effects at the annual March For Life in Washington, D. C. around January 22. A tremendous number of young people take part in that march despite extreme cold, bad weather and having to travel very long distances.

Most Democrats are pro-abortion and many are planning a march to the Supreme Court on 21 January, the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration. They hope to convince them not to overturn the Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton decisions, so they can make the choice(s) to continue to murder future Democrat voters, thereby assuring they will continue their party’s death spiral.

I do not mean to suggest that pro-lifers won the election alone, but I’m sure they were a very big help and will be in the future if Democrats continue to be pro-abortion.

Robert Boudreaux
Waldorf, MD

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