Protecting ourselves from the Second Amendment

Why do we have to fight for rights that our country has already fought for?

The Constitution clearly states, under the Second Amendment, that it protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms. In Maryland, if you wish to possess a firearm, legally, you need to not only pass a background check but a series of tests to use the purchased gun.

While every time a terrorist shoots a bullet, the gun manufacturers hear a ‘cha-ching’ and not the cries of the victims and the government finds a way to hear the same noise. President Obama cried for the murderers on the streets of Chicago but blatantly ignores the very real threat of ISIS.

Now, he wants to violate our right to bear arms by not only circumventing Congress’ decision three times over but also our medical rights. Why should a person’s mental health record be accessible to someone who owns a gun store? This is baffling.

Drug dealers will find drugs. Murderers will find a way to murder. Insane people do insane things and could possibly never have a recorded mental health background.

Does that mean a single woman living alone has to go to great lengths to protect herself because the president decides his decision outranks 100 senators who we, as a people, voted in?

Obama should save the fake tears and masked sympathy for what is happening in this country—because it’s bull. Address the actual issues: the economy, terrorism, and our veterans being homeless, for example. On that note, do vets not get their Second Amendment rights due to PTSD?

Address mental health but not clinging to your feeble attempt to make a legacy for your presidency. Also, please let us know where this money funding the executive order, that is being forced through, is coming from because the U.S. deficit is astounding.

At the end of the day, guns will fall in the hands of criminals and murderers and terrorists. Why shouldn’t we have the accessibility to fight fire with fire?

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