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This editorial is dedicated to all my readers and the comments that are left for me to read. Thank you, and you’re welcome.

“The author, Babbling B sounds more like a babbling idiot. The article is written as if the author is going through or has gone through a divorce. Or maybe they are so self-absorbed they can't find that special person.”

-I can assure that this comment made me laugh. I’ve never been married, no. My parents are still together to this day. And hey – maybe that special person is out there… you single?

“This writer seems to be very hateful.”

-The only thing I hate is double negatives, any jazz music and I’m starting to lose hope that we may never see another Spice Girls reunion.

“Babbling B asks, what is the point of marriage? I ask, What is the point of this article??”

-Simple, I wanted to know people’s opinions. Thank you for giving them to me, I appreciate it.

“ Noone ever quotes the second amendment right... Doesn't it specifically say well regulated armed public which to mean means regulations duh”

-I’m leaving that one as a direct comment from a reader, and I’m wondering if English is their second language and I have a hard time arguing “duh”. This guy wins. Also, it’s “no one ever quotes the second amendment correctly,” and neither do you, sir.

“So if a Doctor submits a report stating that someone has mental problems and shouldn't own a gun why stop there? If someone has a sleeping problem, should they be able to own a car?”

-Interesting point, because these issues can be an excuse to have the powers that be overrule what we vote and believe.

“Who is this person that feels perfect enough to judge people to the point of condemning them to death?”

-I simply posed a question. I wanted to hear what people would feel. Would the victims feel better? All I seemed to receive is that the attackers were more of a concern than the Petition that had nothing to do with the death penalty. It’s very disheartening that the people who refused to sign didn’t actually read the Petition.

“Victims need a voice, not the criminals. Awareness is important and thanks TBN for addressing some of the more serious issues here.”

-Thank you, awareness and an open forum help everyone’s voices heard – not just mine.

“Why make sodomy a crime? Only states that wish to attempt arrests of gay couples use this tactic.”

-To assume that sodomy – rape- has anything to do with being gay, is homophobic, which I assume I’m being accused of by this reader. I never once said anything about the gay community. Gay marches for the record, are fabulous.

“This was all making since up until the talk of the death penalty (you violated a human right, so we're going to kill now you) and the notion that rehabilitation cannot occur. This is not rooted in science. Y”

-I don’t know what making “since” is but I do now that science has nothing to do with this issue. Mental health and stats of rehabilitation known to this day do substitute that this type of crime is rarely able to rehabilitate. I don’t know why the “Y” at the end was typed. Are you asking why? That being said, my level of education dictates I do know science. One word – inertia. Google it.

“I know he's still black, but come on. Not everyone can pull off a skin change like Mike.” (regarding President Obama)

-Call me every name in the book but this is ludicrous and not even funny. I’m the bad guy whose job is to open a discussion on hot topics? This is probably one of the worst things I’ve seen written and had nothing to do with me. I guess Obama wants to stay black… that’s just fine with me.

The point of my column is to allow everyone to voice how they feel about certain issues. Love or hate what I’m writing, I’m giving YOU the ability to say how you feel and discuss. What matters to me personally is that the readers get that chance. You are heard; I read every comment. Thank you for questioning me, the issues and even each other. That is so important because if we all thought the same way, how boring would the world be?

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