Double duty plus some for wives

Not only do women have a full time career these days, they have to clean the household, raise the children, send out Thank You cards, cook and still consummate the marriage. The to-do list is too long-- pay the bills, cook, clean, organize, laundry, look after the pets, take care of the children, buy groceries, breastfeed, change diapers, be the voice of reason, and be driven enough after all of that to find a decent job. Whew!

Men have to work, mow the lawn and take out the trash. Men are the head of household? That is laughable.

Tradition dictates that women do all of the aforementioned but now have to work as well. Yet, men seem to keep the same traditional role. Go to work, chop wood and watch the football game while the women are left to clean after they prepared a hot meal. Today, men demand a career out of their wives on top of everything else.

Men can say they’re all about equality, but it doesn’t seem that way. Approximately, in 2013 the median weekly income of full-time workers was $860 for men, compared to $706 for women. The female-to-male earnings ratio was $0.82 – for the same jobs. (

Equal? Men want all the above from their wives because men work “so hard” to be providers, protectors. So why should women have to work? Especially if women are going to be paid less for the same job.

What about single mothers? They have to do all this for their family because they have no choice. They have to provide because there isn’t a partner present to help with income. Should they be allowed a state funding to help with what they need to provide?

Most women love their jobs and are able to do it all while most men struggle with even ironing their own pants. Men should appreciate their wives and how selfless it is to be a woman in general. Women almost always put themselves before others meaning husbands, children and friends. What’s fair about this traditional situation that has been changed into even less responsibility on men?

How many households truly split the responsibilities? Does yours?

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