Recent Warrant Arrests, Criminal Citations

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Recent Warrant Arrests, Criminal Citations


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Ceandra Bonita Scott, 40 of Lexington Park, was charged on a Criminal Summons for passing a bad check. The amount of the check was over $67 and the charges were served by Deputy Shawn Carberry.

Ebon Aries Jackson, 35 of Leonardtown, was arrested by Deputy Shawn Moses on an outstanding District Court Warrant for Failure to Appear. The original charges were for Selling Cigarettes and Trading Without a License.

Steven Paul Mudd, 39 of Mechanicsville, was arrested by Deputy Joseph L. Somerville for passing a bad check. The value of the check was more than $77.

Deputy Kevin Meyer arrested Troy Sean Washington, 26 of Huntingtown, for a Failure to Appear Bench Warrant issued through the District Court of St. Mary’s County.

Deputy Charles Dodson served a Criminal Summons of Kenneth Lee Childs, 37 of Lexington Park, with passing a $40 back check.

Deputy Zorana Sipos arrested William Samuel Honig, 24 of Drayden, on an outstanding warrant through Charles County. The charges included two (2) counts of burglary, assault second degree, and trespass and property destruction.

Paul Raymond Gray, 58 from Lexington Park, was arrested by Deputy Jason Graves on an open District Court Bench warrant for Failure to Pay Court Costs and or Restitution.

Deputy Ronald Maloy arrested Steven Craig Harris, 39 of Valley Lee, on an open warrant through the District Court of St. Mary’s County related to an assault. The investigation was conducted by Deputy Zorana Sipos.

Deputy Jason Graves located Richard Ramon Dent, 25 of Mechanicsville, and found through a check that he was wanted. He was taken into custody for an open District Court warrant related to a Failure to Appear on a possession of marijuana charge. A search incident to that arrest revealed Suspect Dent was again in possession of marijuana and was charged accordingly.

Deputy Earl Young arrested Timothy Dennis Seip, 31 of No Fixed Address, for a District Court warrant related to a Second Degree Assault. The warrant was issued after Deputy Young conducted an investigation that began on Sept. 9, 2006.

Sgt. Terry L. Black applied for and received a warrant through the District Court Commissioner for Shelly Amita Williams-Harris, 31 of Mechanicsville, for Violation of a Protective Order. The arrest was made by Deputy Elizabeth Trossbach.

Leon Francis Stone, 23 of Waldorf, was arrested for Failure to Appear before the District Court. Suspect Stone was arrested by Deputy Jason Graves.

Deputy Shaun Carberry arrested Danny Matthew Thompson, 34 of Piney Point, for an open warrant. The warrant was related to Suspect Thompson Failing to Appear for the District Court.

William Vernon Cole Jr., 20 of Lexington Park, was arrested by Deputy Michael George on an outstanding warrant for Failure to Appear.

Deputy Timothy Reece arrested Darius Antonio Varlack, 28 of Lexington Park, for Failure to Appear in the District Court.

Charles MacArthur Smith, 39 of Capital Heights, was arrested by Deputy Eric Walker and served with a warrant for Escape-Second Degree. Suspect Smith was sentenced to the Detention Center and failed to comply with the orders.

James Anthony Lawrence, 28 of Mechanicsville, was arrested and charged with Failure to Appear. The original warrant was through Calvert County District Court. The arresting Officer was Deputy Robert Gill.

Deputy Earl Young charged Sanjah Leah Hunt, 22 of Mechanicsville, for passing a bad check. The value of the check was less than $17.00.

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