Plane Crashes at St. Mary's Airport

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Plane Crashes at St. Mary's Airport

HOLLYWOOD - 3/5/2008

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By Sean Rice, Managing Editor

 A single-engine airplane crashed on the runway of St. Mary’s Airport at 11:45 a.m. today.

 The crew at the Maryland State Police hangar that houses Trooper 7 reported two people were hurt and the craft is holding 50 gallons of fuel.

 The plane was originally reported as being a Cessna, but the plane was actually made by Maule, another poplar brand of plane known for being able to land and takeoff on very short runways.

 The county HAZMAT team was added to the call, along with volunteer firefighters and rescue squads from Hollywood, Bay District and Leonardtown.

 First arriving crews from Hollywood found the two people had escaped the plane unharmed and they refused medical treatment. Within minutes the call was scaled back.

 More details when they become available.

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