School system retirees are honored

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School system retirees are honored

Chesapeake Beach, MD - 6/18/2013

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By Marty Madden

Calvert County Public Schools (CCPS) held its annual celebration for retiring employees Thursday, June 13 at the Rod ‘N’ Reel Restaurant in Chesapeake Beach. Over half of the 84 retirees, some of whom have already ended their employment within the system, attended the event and received recognition. The list of retirees includes 25 teachers and three principals.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jack Smith referred to retirement as “the next adventure.”

“We’re very happy and very sad,” said Calvert Board of Education President Dr. Eugene M. Karol. “We’re happy you’re getting time to relax. Each of you in your own way has helped build this school system. You leave behind your mark of quality. There will definitely be a real loss to our school system. We’ll miss you all but we’re thankful you were here.”

The CCPS 2013 retirees

Appeal Elementary - Bernadette Stephenson, principal

Barstow Elementary - Gwendolyn Brooks, teacher; Doreen Donaldson, teacher; and Mary Jones, food service worker

Beach Elementary - Andrea Chris Banks, vice principal; Elizabeth D’Agostino, instructional assistant; and ShaRon Morsell, learning specialist

Calvert Elementary - Ellen Ash, library media specialist; Leigh Bucca, instructional assistant; Florence Green, building services worker; Laurie Haynie, principal; and Audrey Thomas, child care director

Dowell Elementary - Susan Leannarda, instructional assistant; and Veronica Lubkin, library media specialist

Huntingtown Elementary - Teresa Haynes, instructional assistant; Gail Pike, instructional assistant; and Nancy Wolf-Fisher, teacher

Mount Harmony Elementary - Sandra Malloy, teacher; and Mary Bridget McNamara, teacher;

Mutual Elementary - Patricia Gilbert, secretary; and Marcia Hubbard, nurse

Patuxent Elementary - Naomi Stratton, teacher

Plum Point Elementary - Jean Elliott, secretary; Zara Evans, teacher; and Denise Kent, instructional assistant

St. Leonard Elementary - Catherine Howanstine, teacher; and Margaret McClelland, teacher

Sunderland Elementary - Doris Boyd, instructional assistant; Linda Howdyshell, food services worker; and Wendelyn Phalen, teacher

Windy Hill Elementary - Linda Dillon, food services worker; John Hawkins, building services manager; and Helen Thompson, teacher

Calvert Middle - Gloria Hicks, building services assistant manager

Mill Creek Middle - Patricia Washington, food services worker

Northern Middle - Patrick Buzzerd, guidance counselor; Judith Haines, teacher; Beverly Poole instructional assistant; and Carolyn Sacker, teacher

Plum Point Middle - Joseph Blue, building services worker; Donna Frostbutter, instructional assistant; and Kathleen Suthard, teacher

Southern Middle - Louvenia Banks, teacher; Phyllis Hawkins, instructional assistant; Sandra Derr, teacher; and Pamela Mackall, teacher

Windy Hill Middle - Donna W. Brown, teacher; Karen Burnett, teacher; and Jeniene Wishart, teacher

Calvert High - Janet Cord, nurse; Bruce Elliott, safety advocate; Donna Kline, food services worker; Leo Parker, building services assistant manager; Roberta Reeves, guidance counselor; William Stewart Jr., teacher; and Benjamin Williams, teacher

Huntingtown High - James Donahue, instructional assistant

Northern High - Larry Barker, vice principal; Patricia O’Brien, secretary; and Thomas Tereshinski Jr., teacher

Patuxent High - Franklin Gross, building services worker; Susan Hammond, teacher; Celesta Jones, building services worker; William Sexton, vice principal; and Judy Vaughn, cafeteria manager

Calvert Country - Chester Bourne, building services manager

Career and Technology Academy - Barbara Reid, instructional assistant; and Albert Risner Jr., teacher

CCPS Finance Department - Nancy Zinn, supervisor

CCPS Human Resources Department - Donna J. Brown, secretary

CCPS Instruction Department - Linda King, secretary; and Marjorie Zimmermann, adult project coordinator

CCPS Maintenance Department - Dwight Hall, plant engineer; and William Turner, carpenter foreman

CCPS Special Education Department - Annette Lagana, director; Cindra Mirales, IEP clerk; Adriane Hope Sayles, speech language pathologist; Dawn Tucker, reading specialist; Margaret Vogel, nonpublic specialist; and Donna Young, teacher

CCPS Student Services Department - Eric Ertley, psychologist; and Patricia Quinn, secretary

CCPS Technology Department - Joel Griggs, computer technician

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