Southern Maryland Food Bank Requires Donations to Re-Open

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Southern Maryland Food Bank Requires Donations to Re-Open

Hughesville, MD - 3/7/2012

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By Charles County Government Press Release

Due to a severe shortage in food donations, Southern Maryland Food Bank in Hughesville has closed their doors temporarily.  Charles County citizens are urged to make food donations as soon as possible to help the food bank to re-open and continue its mission of easing the pain of hunger in Southern Maryland.  

Southern Maryland Food Bank is planning to re-open on Monday, March 19, provided they are able to secure the minimum amount of food donations needed. 

In order to re-open, and to continue operations from week to week, Southern Maryland Food Bank needs to receive at least 15,000–18,000 lbs. of food per week.  

According to Brenda DiCarlo of the Southern Maryland Food Bank, although monetary donations are accepted and appreciated, the most urgent need is for food donations at this time.  

Citizens can drop off food donations at the following locations:
Southern Maryland Food Bank or Angel's Watch Shelter
8395 Old Leonardtown Road, Hughesville, MD 20637
301-274-0695 or 202-345-6671
Southern Maryland Association of Realtors
8440 Old Leonardtown Road, Suite 211, Hughesville, MD 20637
Long & Foster Realtors
3165 Crain Highway, #100, Waldorf, MD 20603

Monetary donations can be made payable to: Southern Maryland Food Bank, P.O. Box 613, Hughesville, MD 20637.  

For more information, contact Ms. Brenda DiCarlo, Southern Maryland Food Bank, at 301-274-0695 or 202-345-6671.

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